Executive Diversity Management Programme

Executive Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation Management Programme:
Executive Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation Management Programme: This high level programme presents a strategic overview of the architecture of EEDT related change in organisations. It provides an orientation to the field; charts the evolution of EEDT practice and explores the latest trends in strategically managing workforce diversity and inclusion. The programme enables practitioners to craft a strategic blueprint in managing large system transformation. 

Specific areas covered by the Executive Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation Management Programme are as follows:
  • EEDT: An emergent field
  • From one dimensional, immediate, mechanistic, and compliance driven interventions to multi-dimensional, integrated, strategic, and dynamic transformation processes
  • How to integration the legacy of the past and the aspirations of the future in the present day strategies
  • The evolving agenda:
    • Social Justice
    • Political Transformation
    • Socio-economic Transformation
    • Relational Transformation
  • Analysing the motives and drivers of organisational change
    • Compliance, the Business Case and beyond
  • Exploring transformational journeys: A meta-analysis
    • Theoretical perspectives and models on change and transformation
  • Generations, stages, phases and positions…in getting there
  • The architects of organisational transformation
    • Stakeholder analysis and contracting
  • The architecture of organisational transformation
    • Social Justice: Morally and ethically doing the right thing
    • A Compliance Framework: Representative, equitable and discrimination free
    • Business focus: Effectiveness, efficiency and profit
    • Relational perspective: A different way of relating and being
  • The shift from Operational to Strategic Diversity Management Practice
  • Crafting strategies to transform a diverse workforce into a resource for global success
  • Gearing up: From best practice to next practice
  • Creating potential spaces and virtuous cycles that entrenches diversity into the fabric of the organisation
  • Developing rigorous metrics to support the change initiative and apply comprehensive accountability systems with real rewards and consequences for individuals and groups