Employment Equity

Employment Equity Committee Training: The programme will equip your EE Committee Members with the necessary knowledge & skills to meet the legislative requirements of the EE Act and begin the process of building a culture that values diversity.
Module 1: Overview of the Employment Equity Act
  • Understanding the Employment Equity Act
  • Purpose, interpretation and application of Employment Equity legislation  

Module 2: Prohibition of unfair discrimination

  • Understanding unfair discrimination
  • Differentiation, Discrimination, Unfair discrimination
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Grounds of discrimination
  • Employment applicants, work analysis and inherent requirements of the job/ job descriptions
  • Recruitment and selection
  • How the Employment Equity Legislation attempts to eliminate and prohibit unfair discrimination
  • Medical & Psychological assessments  

Module 3: Employment Equity and Affirmative action

  • Understanding Affirmative Action
  • The Equality Test (Section 9(2) of the Constitution
  • Understanding Black Empowerment
  • The duties of designated employers and voluntary compliance
  • The requirements of disclosure of information
  • Employment Equity Plans and the requirements for keeping records  

Module 4: The Employment Equity Committee/ Roles and functions

  • Roles, responsibilities and functions of the Employment Equity Committee
  • Monitoring Employment Policies, Procedures & Practices
  • Monitoring /Evaluating Implementation of EE Plan
  • Consultation
  • Identification of EE Barriers
  • Developing EE Measures
  • Benchmarking Best Practices
  • Frequency and content of Committee Meetings  

Module 5:  Practical analysis of disciplinary codes, policies, EE plans and EE reports

  • Practical analysis of disciplinary codes, policies, EE plans and EE reports.